Tree & Shrub Planting

When it comes to tree and shrub planting, knowing what tree to plant – and how and where to plant it – can make all of the difference.

Our team work with clients to plant tree species that thrive in the landscape, factoring in local climate, soil conditions and short and long-term property goals. Trees matter!

Tree Trim & Removal

When spring and summer come around, tree owners need to have maintenance done on their trees to ensure new growth and prevent any damage to the home or backyard. While some are willing to take on the responsibility themselves, it’s sometimes easier and safer to hire our services to do the job, especially when it might mean taking down trees and removing stumps.

Stump Grinding

When it comes to removing stumps from your property, you have two main options: You can rent a stump grinder and remove them yourself, or you can hire our company to come out and do it for you. The course of action that’s right for you will depend on a few things. For example, if you provide a professional service (such as tree or stump removal) and plan on grinding many stumps, then buying a stump grinder is probably a good idea, both economically and professionally. If you’re not a professional, then you can use a small stump grinder to remove a small stump, and it shouldn’t cost too much to rent one for the day. However if you’re not a professional, if there are large stumps, or if you have several stumps that need to be grinded, it’s probably best to use a stump grinding service instead. We have great prices, don’t get hurt and call us today!

Brush Shredding

Our tree chippers save time and money by being able to get the entire tree job done quickly. Services are busy and move from one job to the next during the day. Having to go back to your yard or having to go dump the load wastes time. We suggest tree chipping because it is a benefit to both the homeowner and us. The homeowner who has their trees chipped usually does not have to wait for the chip truck to leave the job to go and dump. You get the benefit of having our service spend less time on the job.

We will arrange to have our tree service representative to inspect your job quickly.  And we will give you free competitive tree removal cost quote.

Lot Clearing

We clear areas for construction, pasture, or other uses; of woods or structures requiring the cutting and removal of large trees and stumps or the demolition of buildings. We use state of the art tree felling, clearing, hauling, and disposal equipment that allows us to clear any terrain effectively and efficiently. We can clean up remaining trees, stumps, or debris after tree harvesting or after traditional bulldozer clearing. We have the equipment and expertise to grind stumps in place.

We can help you protect your property from fire by cutting fire breaks or cutting in fire-fighting access lanes. Don’t wait until your land is ablaze to try and protect it. Properly cut and maintained fire lanes can make the difference between a small fire and total destruction on your land.

Parking Lot Plowing

We offer a variety of snow removal services. Call us and let our team come up with a great plan.

1. The size of your parking lot. We will likely base our fee on the amount of time it will take to accomplish the job. The more surface area to plow, the higher the fee.

2. Do you want the parking lot treated with sand or salt? Sanding and salting may cost extra. Be sure to coordinate with us in advance if you have concerns about children or pets or you require organic materials. There may or may not be an extra charge for alternative materials.

3. Do you want the lot cleared after a specific amount of snow, or do you want us to wait until it stops snowing? The fee may include repeated plowing after every so many inches of snow. This is often cost effective for us because we are able to plow faster than if they simply wait for the total accumulation.

4. Do you need the snow removed or melted? The cost for snow plowing usually covers the labor for pushing the snow to the edges of the parking lot which may render some of the parking spaces unusable. There will be an additional cost if you require the snow be hauled away or melted.

5. Is there a cost benefit to pre-placing reflectors or snow markers? Gauging the area of the parking lot is often difficult without markers or reflectors. If you have us charge by the hour, the job may take longer if the project is slowed down because the outline of the parking lot is not marked.

6. You may want a snow removal contract. It is often more cost effective to have a seasonal contract with us for parking lot snow removal rather than simply calling us on an “as needed basis.”

Sidewalk Services

If your sidewalk is adjacent to a primary snow route, please wait until the snow plows have cleared the streets before shoveling. Plows may need to push snow onto curbs and sidewalks to keep the streets clear.

Violations can result in a municipal summons issued to the responsible party and/or an abatement. Abatement includes calling us to do the snow removal and clear the sidewalks.

Residents, property owners and agents are all responsible for sidewalk snow removal for a single-family dwelling, a duplex, a triplex or a four-plex. Property owners and their agents are responsible for sidewalk snow removal for other multi-family properties as well as commercial and industrial properties. Snow removed from sidewalks needs to be kept on the property. It is against many city code to deposit snow (plow, shovel or coarse to deposit) upon any street sidewalk or alley. We will haul it all away.

Ice control and de-icing

Commercial Ice Control Solutions...When your challenge is to provide clear, safe roadways on a limited budget, get the most for your money by looking to the ice control solutions from us. We have products that are proven performers in even the most challenging weather conditions for Ice Control.

For efficient and effective ice control, Lakeside Landscape Inc help customers properties and the roads needing ice control before the snow event hits to prevent the snow and ice bond to the pavement. An effective Ice Control Solution can provide significant saving on your total de-icing budget.

Snow Melting

When snow hauling is not a viable option due to the amount of snow to be moved and dump site restrictions or availability, it’s time to melt it instead of moving it with the latest snow industry wonder, the snow melter. Since this technologically advanced snow removal service doesn’t require the use of a convoy of tri-axle dump trucks, less air and noise pollution is produced, the latter a consideration to keep in mind for apartment complexes and hospitals where tenants and patients are sleeping and want to stay that way during overnight snow removal. Contact us today to find out more.

Snow Removal

We safely remove snow and ice so that you can travel with ease. Providing complete snow removal services such as snow plowing, hauling, shoveling, maintenance as well as clearing sidewalks driveways, salting, and removing ice. Equipped with state of the art commercial grade snow plows, pushers, front-end loaders, and skid steers, Lakeside Landscape Inc is available twenty-fours a day to assist you in relocating and removing snow from your site.

We provide snow removal services to both residential and commercial areas such as corporate offices, shopping centers, medical facilities, retail stores, and industrial properties. Our experienced team is available around the clock to assist you with all your winter service needs. Lakeside Landscape Inc employs seasoned staff members equipped with the right tools, radios, and all terrain vehicles for snow and ice removal.

Roof Snow Removal

Lakeside Landscape Inc has a dedicated staff of professional workers who want to do one thing, work. When winter storms blanket us with snow. That’s when our staff of experienced professionals go to work with our snow removal machines. Vehicles equipped with state of the art snow removal equipment provide reliable service.

Snow plows, sanders, and snow blowers for normal snow plowing chores are in our fleet. When excess snow requires us to stack or remove snow from your property, Dump trucks and loaders for snow removal are available to service your needs. Call us during the off season and set up a plan.

Holiday Decoration

Your Professional Holiday Decorating Services and Christmas Light Installation Company! Christmas Decor professional holiday decorators have been brightening the Holiday Season for satisfied customers. Come to us for a professional, hassle-free experience, and enjoy brilliant results that give your property that special something for the holidays.

As a holiday decorating and professional Christmas light installation company, we provide our clients with captivating displays and exceptional service that are truly second to none. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time and energy to decorate your property and still have time to enjoy the holidays. That’s where we come in…Our decorating professionals provide you with a beautiful design, an efficient installation, proactive in-season maintenance, and a timely post-season removal. We are a true end-to-end holiday decorating service. Our superior training, unique installation methods, and proprietary premium quality products allow us to handle both residential decorating and commercial decorating with ease. We are in tune with the latest trends in decorating to make sure your property is it’s holiday best. Your wishes and ideas are always welcomed into the design process as they are vital to making your holiday dreams a reality.

Holiday Lighting

The holidays provide a unique opportunity to showcase and share joy for the holidays, by capturing the attention of family, friends and customers. When the Christmas season is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner, now is the time to begin developing a plan to express your Christmas spirit.

Our Holiday lighting services  extend to home owners associations, commercial plaza’s, retail centers and more!

Our holiday lighting displays are made with green-friendly LED Christmas lights that will set you apart from any other. Take time to review the site for sample. Decorative Landscape can arrange a complete holiday lighting solution for all of your holiday decorating.

Monument Signs

Monuments are placed atop a concrete footer to ensure stability and durability. Some cemeteries require that the concrete footer must be poured by cemetery employees. In cemeteries without this requirement, we pour the concrete as part of the installation process. We install monuments all across the State.

Power Washing

Exterior Cleaning: We use soft washing to effectively remove mold, mildew, dirt, and other buildup from your home, business, or industrial complex. This low pressure approach is safe for all exterior materials.

Roof Cleaning: Our concrete cleaning expertise is available for the interior and exterior needs of commercial, residential and industrial customers. We remove stains, improve long-term quality, and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Wood Restoration: With national certification by CES and PWNA to back us up, customers can rest assured that their property’s wood surfaces are in good hands. We provide professional wood restoration to decks, log cabins, cedar sided homes, fences.

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